Lifetime Protection Spell


This lifetime protection spell will create an impenetrable barrier between yourself and those who would wish you harm in any way. it will help protect you from negative and evil energies, such as black magic, evil spells, witches, illnesses, whammies, demons, hexes, jinx, evil eye, and spiritual attacks that could harm you in the future.

We will make you invisible from those who wish you harm or have bad intentions for you and your well-being. This spell will help create a wall of protection / spiritual defense around you and remove problems and all obstacles seen and unseen from your life path.

This powerful protection spell casting session will be performed to protect you from negative energies causing feelings of rejection, general unhappiness, low self-esteem, misfortune, destructive urges, lack of confidence, recurring issues of self doubt, depression, anxiety and agitation.

Upon manifestation, you will feel secured,happy, bright, energized and and protected


We do not practice dark magic or use negative energies.

This spell casting ritual combines White Magic and the Power of Illuminati.

It is a white magic session whereby candles, woods, spiritual scents, oil, herbs burning, incantations/spiritual prayers and energy redirection is used during the healing process. This means there won’t be any bad karma or negative effects. Safe and effective results are guaranteed.


For this casting, we will require you to send us your full name, date of birth and if possible a photo of yourself or the person you want this spell session for during purchase. This will help yield better connection during the casting session.

Wishing you light, love, and blessings.

  • Casting
    Same day
  • Success rate
  • Manifestation
    1 to 21 days
  • Availability