Lady Luck Magical Spell


We Work In The Shadows To Bring You The Light 🙂

We are a group of Illuminati Spell Casters; a coven who have practiced the magics for generations. Our spell casting lineage predates 1776 in Ingolstadt, Germany. Although we work in the shadows, our mystical light has attracted some of the greatest spell casters from all over the world.

We live together at the Illuminati Kingdom Sanctuary; a melting pot of diverse mystical backgrounds and a coven of the highest order. All of our work is overseen by the Grand Caster. He ensures we conduct ourselves in a way that is in keeping with our mystical traditions and that together we preserve the way of the craft.

Lady Luck Magical Spell by the Illuminati Kingdom

The spell of lifelong luck will bring you fortuitous blessings from beyond.

Rest assured, we are masters of the craft, and are here to help. With your first order you will not only receive an incantation, but also a coven blessing from all of us here at Sanctuary as a thank you for supporting the Kingdom.

We’re here to help those who need us. Play your part in helping us to keep this beautiful ancient craft alive. Let us cast a luck spell for you today.


  • In the “Order Notes” box, please fill out your name, dob, and your specific wish and desires.
  • After purchase you will instantly be able to download instructions about your spell
  • Your spell will be cast within 12 hours of confirming your order.
  • After your spell is cast you will be sent your very own DIGITAL SPELL REPORT which contains PROOF OF SPELL CAST!


The world of the Illuminati Magics is a mysterious one, we are dealing with a living energy field, not a mechanical soulless universe. It’s important to realize this so you frame spell-work in the appropriate way. While this is a transaction of sorts, it’s not like going to the shop to buy a candy bar. How spells manifest and how long they take to manifest vary individual by individual and spell by spell.

We encourage open-mindedness, faith and receptivity to maximize the results.

Patience is part of the path. Anybody peddling instantaneous spells remotely are not true practitioners of the craft.

Your Fortune, Our Happiness.

We work in the shadows to bring you light. Positive transformations in your life energy will occur but exact manifestation of luck usually occurs between 1 week to 4 weeks.

You must have faith in the process! If you do not see provisional results within the first few days, give the spell some Work Time. It is important to understand there is a bigger divine picture at work which is more powerful.

If you are looking for AUTHENTIC SPELL CASTERS and the real MASTERS OF THE ARCANE who truly know the secrets of ILLUMINATI MAGICK well, your search ends here.

This isn’t a hobby for us, it is our life purpose and divine birthright.


  • Any information you give us is confidential and will not be shared with anybody outside the Kingdom.
  • Our select group  consists of the most experienced spell casters the universe has ever seen.
  • How long it takes to manifest will vary from situation to situation; but usually from 7 Days to 21 Days.
  • We only use white magic, so no side effects or bad karma will ever come your way.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does it take before the spell works? Most of the spells we cast will take 1 – 3 weeks to fuse with your energies, though immediate enchantment is common! In the coming days after the spell is complete, you may notice positive mystical alterations indicative of the spell doing it’s work. but it will take around 3 weeks for the spell to really begin to take hold and quite literally, work its magic!
  2. How can I help in the spell process? Relax and know you are in the capable hands of Illuminati Kingdom. Be open, receptive, minimize stress by taking deep breaths, and let the magic do it’s revitalizing work.
  3. What will you need in order to cast most spells? Your full name; year of birth; country, city/town; and a list of your desires/goals.
  • Casting
    Same day
  • Success rate
  • Manifestation
    1-3 weeks
  • Availability