Follow the Light Manuscript


Follow the Light: Illuminated Manuscript

Every human is guided by an inner compass that points toward the Light, revealing truth and direction when facing decisions. Given many names by spiritual leaders and unexplainable by science, the Light is an invisible guide that many believe has led them to joy, success, and lives of Abundance. It communicates directly to every human, urging them to strive for goodness and forgo their natural selfishness.

The Light, under many names, has been attributed to supernatural changes in the physical realm, including increases in wealth, power, prestige, health, and happiness.

Individual members of the Illuminati adhere to every variety of personal spiritual beliefs –– but by recognizing that all of our paths lead to the same destination, we find that the Light brings all people into an ultimate unity.

Throughout our history, illuminated manuscripts have played an important role in Illuminati traditions – not only as beautiful artwork pieces, but also as key elements to reinforce the mental exercises in our rituals.

Fear Not

Place this message where you will see it in the morning and at night. Spend a few moments reading its words to yourself, using the power of your inner voice to realign your mindset with the peace and harmony of the universal design. Allow yourself to reclaim your power – to insist that you are your only master and that your future is dictated by your choices alone. As this becomes a habit, the subconscious fears that stand between you and your goals will begin to lose their strength and fade into the ether.

This stunning print immortalizes the Illuminati’s iconic message to the modern world. Its gold elements form a vibrant frame that highlights the Pyramid, the Eye, the Light, and the Eternal Circle, alongside gold accents in the lettering and the beams of light that surround the All-Seeing Eye. It is a distinctive addition to any home, office, or gathering place.

Designed in real gold with vivid red accents, Follow the Light illuminated manuscript has been designed with a versatility that suits a variety of uses: all geared towards display of loyalty. It is an eye-catching addition to your posters and a beacon to all who follow the Light.

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