Fear Not Manuscript


Fear Not: Illuminated Manuscript

Fear is the strongest barrier between a person and the greatness they seek. Every day, you are bombarded by subversive messages that manipulate your insecurities: propaganda claiming that aggression is the solution to differences; falsehoods insisting that you will never be worthy of wealth or power; distractions and deceptions pushing you to be a pawn in the games of others instead of the master of your own. Though the chains of fear are invisible, their hold can be stronger than the tightest metal shackles.

A person’s fortune is changed through their mind; a person’s mind is changed through the power of repetition.

Throughout our history, illuminated manuscripts have played an important role in Illuminati traditions – not only as beautiful artwork pieces, but also as key elements to reinforce the mental exercises in our rituals.

Place this message where you will see it in the morning and at night. Spend a few moments reading its words to yourself, using the power of your inner voice to realign your mindset with the peace and harmony of the universal design. Allow yourself to reclaim your power – to insist that you are your only master and that your future is dictated by your choices alone. As this becomes a habit, the subconscious fears that stand between you and your goals will begin to lose their strength and fade into the ether.

Fear Not

This stunning print immortalizes the Illuminati’s iconic message to the modern world. Its gold elements form a vibrant frame that highlights the Pyramid, the Eye, the Light, and the Eternal Circle, alongside gold accents in the lettering and the beams of light that surround the All-Seeing Eye. It is a distinctive addition to any home, office, or gathering place.

Gold Seal of Authenticity

A time of global change is upon us. Fear not. Now is the time to seize the reins of your future. When the winds of change threaten to push you off your feet, find refuge in the shelter of the pyramid and the Illuminati’s everlasting message: we are always watching out for you.

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