Family Protection Spell


This family protection spell is perfect if you want to keep your loved ones safe and happy. Do you want to stop negative energy from entering your family circle? Do you want your family to stay safe and happy? This is the spell for you.

You may purchase this spell for another person if you would like. Please include their name and any other info you have in the Additional Information section during checkout.

Our magicians will perform this spell for you within 24 hours. This is performed using white magic so there is no bad karma to you. We will burn candles and use powerful crystals, herbs, and cleansing oils during the ritual. We will also seek the assistance of light entities and Illuminati energies.

After purchase, please email us the following information:

  1. Your first and last name.
  2. Your date of birth
  3. A recent photo of you.
  4. If you have a target or are purchasing the spell for another person, I need their first and last name, their DOB, and a recent photo of them.
  5. The reason you’re purchasing this magical spell.
  6. What outcome you want from this magic work.

We will send you photos and video recording of the ritual once we are done.

The spell will start to manifest its first results within 1-3 weeks.

Full refunds if you don’t see manifestation after 21 days.

Desired outcome guaranteed 🙂

  • Casting
    Same day
  • Success rate
  • Manifestation:
    1 to 3 weeks
  • Availability