Before You Join


Make a Sound Decision! Grasp a Crystal Clear Anatomy of the Illuminati Society

Join thousands of people from all walks of life who have read the ‘Before You Join’ Illuminati membership starter guide and made a sound decision on their membership quest.

The ‘Before You Join’ membership guide is intended to help prospective members  through the process of applying for membership,  and to provide a complete kit to current members on what is involved in being a member of the Illuminati.

It begins with some basic background on what the Illuminati Society is, how it operates, the various levels of membership, the membership benefits, Illuminati’s expectations, and the process of applying for full membership (consolidated).

In the end matter to the starter guide, a DIRECT LINK  to join is given (should you choose to become a member).

Before You Join the Illuminati

The BEFORE YOU JOIN starter kit is your life’s guide to get answers to 100s of unsettled questions:

  1. What is the Illuminati?
  2. Where in the world is Illuminati headquarters?
  3. Is the Illuminati affiliated with Freemasons?
  4. What is the New World Order? The One World Government?
  5. What are the Illuminati’s beliefs?
  6. What is the role of the Illuminati in history, art, and the human species?
  7. Does the Illuminati worship Satan?
  8. What’s the power behind Illuminati symbols?
  9. Is the Illuminati good or evil?
  10. What are the Illuminati’s decade-old secrets of power, prosperity, and happiness?
  11. Why does the Illuminati value anonymity?
  12. How to join the prestigious Illuminati Society?
  13. What is Illuminati’s mission in the coming age?
  14. Can the Illuminati help me find my true purpose in this world and attain all that I seek?
  15. What are the benefits of being an Illuminati member?
  16. Are there Illuminati membership fees?
  17. How precisely do I become a member of the Illuminati?
  18. + plus many other questions and info related to joining the Illuminati.

This is an ultimate compass for anyone contemplating on whether to join the Illuminati Society or otherwise. Now is the time to get guided. Begin reading the ‘Before You Join’ starter guide today!

The Compass: Before You Join is accessible from anywhere, via any device – be it mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Available for instant download after purchase.

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